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Player Shanon Smith

Current Name Mary Sue Skvarcek (Pron: Sah-Var-Sic)

Past Aliases Rosemary, Rose, Mary, Marilyn, Mariyah, Maryann, Maria, Marie, Mary Sue... among many others. Always some form of the name Mary.

Nickname Queen of Hearts

Clan Daeva, although she refers to her true sire with sadness and regret, she will not speak his name. It is her adoptive sire Sophia Romanova, Respected member of the Lance, that she considers as being responsible for her current existence.

Apparent Age Late teens to mid 20's. She was embraced at 19, but dresses and makes herself up to appear older.

True Age Embraced on the night of her 19th birthday, 21st December 1759.

Location The Imperial Domain of Phoenix, Arizona. Her actual residence is within the Regency of Sedona, a city known even in mortal society for its mystical properties, considered to be a vortex of spiritual energies.

Students & Childer So far she has only one known childe, Christopher O'Connel of the Crone. She has not mentioned having any students, although she is forming a mortal cult of Bahari.

Faction/Philosophy Ahi Hay Lilitu! Mary is a follower of Lilith, the first Woman spurned by an overly egotistical Man who preferred a subordinate rather than an equal as his mate.

PC LJ Queen of Hearts

Common Knowledge and Brief History

More than just a Follower of Lilith, Mary believes herself to be an actual embodiment of the goddess. This is a belief that comes from her mortal life, handed down from her parents who performed a ritual the night she was conceived which was meant to call down a shard of Lilith's soul to inhabit the child that would be born of the union. Her earliest memory involves taking part in Bahari rituals. Her bedtime stories were tales of the Serpent, Owl, and Bird. Chronicles of the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Her bedtime prayers were said to the Mother. Her scriptures were the pages of Prophecy that outlined her Destiny.

Lilith was the first Woman, but Man (egotistical, stupid, selfish… the list goes on) rejected this paragon of perfection and beauty. Adam preferred his Mate to be subservient, dependant, weak. Man desired Woman to be his subordinate rather than his Equal, and thus Eve was created and Lilith exiled from Paradise. Whatever she became afterward, as she wandered the lands outside of Eden, Lilith was created with that initial spark, the desire to share herself with the One who would accept her as his Equal and counterpart. To find her Second Half.

Believing herself to be an aspect of Lilith, Mary has taken up this quest. Prophecy says this: when Lilith and her Mate are reunited, the wrongs that were perpetrated will be Righted. Thus, when Mary finds her one True Love, her own second half, he (or she) will be the embodiment of the One who was meant for Lilith. When they are united, both will ascend together.

In this effort, Mary moves from one romance to the next, always searching for her True Love. She does not confine herself to one gender, and does not discriminate based on appearance or affiliation. She is also not bound by any ideas on monogamy, believing that once she finds The One, they will naturally want only each other… and until then, she is free to indulge in as many passions and interests as come along.

Any who have been involved with her can tell you… Once Mary decides to care for someone, she never stops. Even when the romance is gone, she will try to remain friendly with them. Also, she is never ever the one to end a relationship. She will continue trying up until the point she is told that it is hopeless, and rarely walks away with bitter feelings. However, once a relationship has been ended, it stays that way. Exes are exes for a reason, but that may not prevent them from remaining friends or even lovers.

Mary Skvarcek is a Famed Romance Novelist, primarily dealing in Regency style romances, although in recent years more modern plots have been introduced. It is well known that her primary resource is her own life and experience, as each novel is a chronicle of her own romantic adventures. Many of her lovers, especially those she remains friendly with, have received signed copies of “their” romance. Love Always, Mary. Some details are, of course, changed for masquerade purposes.

Trivia Early in 2006, the rights to her novels were obtained by Beautiful Stranger Publishing, the same company that produces novels by such notable Authors as Julia Kincaid! These novels are being re-released in preparation of a new run, as Mary’s granddaughter intends to carry on the legacy. Much like the mortal author V.C. Andrews, the ghost-written legacy author whose tales follow a stock formula of plot that has entertained readers since the early 1970’s.

Mary was unaligned until the early 1900's, when one of her lovers introduced her to the Flower of Demeter. Although she initially became interested in the Circle because of this addictive little treasure, she has since come to believe that it was Fated. Her ideals and practices fit within the Crones, she is accepted there. Her low staus is not because she is not known or respected, but because she has spent more of her time focusing on her personal goals and offering assistance to other Crones when asked, rather than dedicating herself overall to the covenant thus far. Still, she has never refused to help where she could.

She nearly joined the Lancea Sanctum as a sign of respect for her adoptive sire, but decided against it. Her beliefs would likely have eventually, if not immediately, labelled her a heretic, and brought dishonor to the one she calls Mother.

Rumors and Tales Mary disappeared from Phoenix shortly after the end of an ill fated relationship with a Brujah named Mortimer who dumped her in favor of a ghoul. Someone ELSE’S ghoul! She returned to the city shortly after his fire-ravaged, staked and torpored body was found and literally dug up at the request of this “other woman.” As yet, she has refused to comment on the convenience of her timing, or her whereabouts during the absence other than that she was on Safari with a “friend”.

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